Screen Recording on Macbook

June 17, 2019  1 minute read  

Sometimes, it is hard to convey your ideas via text. With videos, you would be able to express your thoughts and ideas more vividly. To show what is going on in your screen for educational purpose, debugging or other purposes, you can record your Macbook screen.

Steps to Record Screen

1. Open QuickTime Player

You can open QuickTime Player using Spotlight search (hotkey: command + spacebar) or look for it in Application folder / tray.

Spotlight Search QuickTime Player

2. New Screen Recording

Right click on QuickTime Player icon on dock to open up a menu. On the menu, select New Screen Recording.

QuickTime Player Create New Screen Recording

Then, QuickTime Player with new screen recording toolbox will be opened like the image below. You can select Microphone input and also whether to show mouse clicks in recording. QuickTime Player Screen Recording Toolbox

3. Initiate Recording

Click the red button in the middle of the toolbox to start screen recording. Once this button is click, QuickTime Player Initiate Screen Recording

4. Select Screen to Record

After clicking the red button, you can click on screen to start recording the whole screen.

QuickTime Player Select Screen For Recording

If you only want to record part of your screen, you can drag to select part of the screen and click start recording. QuickTime Player Drag Select Screen For Partial Recording

5. Done Recording

When you are done recording, click the top right stop button to stop recording. Note that it will record your cursor movement to stop recording too. To handle this, you can use keyboard short: ctrl + command + esc to stop recording. If not, you can trim this part of the recording.

You can preview your screen recording before saving it. To save it, you can click command + s to save the screen recording.

QuickTime Player Preview Screen Recording


With this, you would be able to record your screen to provide guide on how to perform some tasks on Macbook or how to reproduce certain situations that can be used for UI debugging.

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