How to connect multiple phones to Amazon Echo & Alexa?

February 10, 2019  1 minute read  

This is to clarify the steps to connect multiple phones via bluetooh to an Amazon Echo & Alexa.

Note that this is not an Echo and Alexa setup guide. This is also not an explanation about connecting another user to your amazon household account.

Echo Plus

Note that this is an Amazon Echo Plus with new premium speakers powered by Dolby play 360° audio with crisp vocals and dynamic bass response. Please check it out.

Download Amazon Alexa App

If you haven’t download your Alexa phone app, you can go to the respective links below to download Alexa app to begin.

Alexa Android App

Alexa Apple App

Alexa Windows App

Steps to connect a phone to Amazon Echo & Alexa

Screenshots of Alexa App Steps
Screenshot of Alexa App Devices 1. Open up Alexa app and go to devices tab.
Screenshot of Alexa App Echo Alexa 2. Choose your device, in my case: Echo.
Screenshot of Alexa App Device Settings 3. On Echo device settings page, click Bluetooth Devices under Wireless section.
Screenshot of Alexa App Settings Bluetooth Devices 4. Here, you can see you previously paired devices. Click ‘Pair A New Device’ button to connect your phone. Make sure yourphone is in pairing mode.
Screenshot of Alexa App Bluetooth Pairing devices 5. Amazon Echo will start detecting your device for pairing.

After you connect your phone to Echo, you can start playing music from your phone, for example.

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